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May 23, 2011

Fringe dip

DIY fringe tee, zara knit, paper denim & cloth jeans, sam edelman clogs, gap leather messenger

Currently in week 9 of 11 of my last quarter as an undergrad. Woo!  Freak-out modes have commenced and all I've been yearning to do is eat, sleep, and cuddle, my top three life essentials as of late.  I also just spent the past hour planning the next three weeks of my life to elude from being ill-prepared...hmm, OCD much?

Lately an urge to begin sporting jeans has been creeping up and for those who know me, they have long long been nonexistent in my wardrobe. Though I have an exceeding amount of denim, I just stopped wearing them after high school, what seems to be aeons ago. Neglected and collecting dust, my drawer full of jeans have been tucked in the darkest parts of my closet.  Now they're back! Maybe. We'll see.  Channeling my inner hippie-ster with these mini flared jeans and fringed tee.   Throw these babies on my face and I'll be the John Lennon to your Yoko Ono.

hey jude | the beatles

May 09, 2011

Never enough

h&m hat, american apparel striped bandeau, insight tee, forever 21 maxi skirt and mary-janes, house of harlow cuff c/o glamhouse

Basics basics basics.  Love black maxi skirts for the main reason of an elongated illusion of the vertically challenged, me.

Spent this weekend crafting a homemade edible arrangement for Mother's day (cause homemade gifts are the best :) & a happy mother's day to my very own), which resulted in the destruction of a chocolate filled kitchen and flood of fruit juices, first time eating Peruvian food at Inka Trails, and finally scarfing down carne asada nachos (mmm) and watched Exit Through the Gift Shop as a reward for being cooped up in an office for hours on end.  

Countdown to the real world: ONE MONTH. Where has the time gone?

April 11, 2011

April showers bring May flowers

express shirt and leather jacket,  bf's flannel, vintage levi's denim shorts, vintage sunnies, zara booties

Rain or shine, you'll always catch me in a pair of shorts; the true beauty of growing up in Southern California. My attempts to transition into spring resulted in the most mundane of all get-ups, but definitely the comfiest, something I've been craving for some time.  Earlier today, Tran and I strolled down USC's Rose Garden before catching the premiere of Disney's African Cats (amazing cinematography), which will be out on Earth Day.  Be sure to catch it during opening week because Disney will donate a part of their ticket sales to the African Wildlife Foundation for the Amboseli Corridor project!  As much as I love the concrete jungle, there's nothing more that I enjoy then wildlife.  To this day, I still hope that I will one day be able to open up an adoption center.

March 14, 2011

Wanting, craving, wishing, and hoping

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This has to be one of the most random set of photos you'll probably encounter, but I don't care. Causeeee. I'm. Done. With. Finals. Hallelujah!  Been living in messy unkept buns, sweats + tees galore, and gorging on everything within a hands reach these past couple of weeks, oh gawd. Hence the lack of outfit posts :(

Lately, wanting that lilac dress and to tie-dye my hair (who's with me? :) ).  Craving pancakes, and wishing to...just relax.  Green-eyed of all those spring-breakers making way to different parts of the world, but it's ok,  I'm hoping to be making my own adventure this coming fall to... the last photo! Yeee!

edit: oh and after having an account for two years on twitter, I think I'm finally going to use it. haha Any tips and tricks?  I am still trying to figure out how to navigate myself around.. :/  twit? tweet? at me!  

March 02, 2011

Easy Breezy

zara knit, uo tank, DIY snug tight thrifted leather shorts, nine west boots

Two weeks till spring break.  Fourteen weeks till graduation.  This is too surreal.  Not ready to be an adult just yet.  Need to savor every moment of my undergrad.  For the time being, this savoring will consist of countless nights falling asleep with my readings, writing papers, and walking around campus like a zombie. Eek, a presentation tomorrow and two finals next week. Someone push fast forward on the life button for the next two weeks then pause it forever. haha

Oh and I loove how these shorts came out.  They now fit snug like a bug in a rug.  Made for a quick photo in front of Alan's work before being cooped up in an office for the next five hours.

+ the very sweet Aude from The Little World of Fashion featured me for her "Five for Five" interview.

February 23, 2011

Simple is something of a mystery

j.crew jacket, marks & spencer dress, double crossed necklace from bf for v-day, turquoise stone cross necklace from me for v-day, forever 21 mary janes

Windy weather calls for the resurrection of my most coveted jacket and bubble blowing pleasure.  Paired with a LBD and I'm good to go.  Couldn't have spent a better afternoon than frolicking in freshly cut grass with the wind feeding you your own hair.  Which by the way, can you tell? It's cut! ...Probably not ( I took an inch off). haha  This weekend I was lectured by my significant other to step out of my 'bubble' aka comfort zone (as if I haven't already done so through the creation of this blog) and to challenge myself (which is my new year's resolution anyway).  To hold on to that resolution I consented my hair to hands that were not my own.  From the past, I've learned that I'd rather screw up my own bed of hair rather than pay someone else to do it for me.  Just like the grass I pranced upon, freshly cut, stands a less nappy, less stringy, and more tolerable mane.

February 20, 2011

Signed, sealed, delivered

A happy birthday to the other half of this blog and my main squeeze. 
Thank you for putting up with the most oddest of requests and for keeping me well fed. <3

February 11, 2011

Coming to draw us in as their own

urban outfitters denim button up, gifted dress, zara clogs

This is one of my more 'gathered' looks.  On most days, more often than not, dishevelment is the case.  However I had an important meeting earlier that day and needed to look 'presentable.' haha If I had the choice, I would've thrown on an unbearably oversized sweater and paired it with some combat boots, which I eventually ended up wearing later in the week, ha.  Since we were in the area, the bf and I walked through Olvera St. shortly thereafter.  I was on a man hunt for the perfect rosary, but being picky always means coming out emptyhanded :(

+ a BIG thank you to Lisa and Evelyn for their loving shout outs.