August 13, 2012

Something Good

ph. by the neighbourhood
Taking an interim from regular posting due to the fact that I've been excessively grumbling about this recent influx of heat in socal that I have come to terms with the fact that it is near impossible to physically stand outside under the sun for a decent shoot. Run-on. With that said, here is my top tunes heavily on repeat serving as bountiful company for my daily commutes to West LA.  Hoping to share this on a more consistent basis- as I've been meaning to integrate music more somehow. A couple songs I've already shared previously here and there, but whatever- good music never dies.

Listen, love, repeat.



harper matiko said...

What is that flag installation made of? It's fantastic.

Anoushka said...

At first the flag reminded me of the one on Times Square.

Jackie said...

I can only imagine how fricken hot it is in so cal. I got some family out there and they said its blazing!! Stay cool girl! And I LOVE this playlist :) I love your taste in music!