October 11, 2011

Sleepy Jean

uo cardigan, cotton on spotted denim, american apparel dress, zara boots

I had this post all ready to go last night- which is actually from this past summer- my bad, but was side tracked (this happens a lot) when I had the weirdest idea to foil my nails.  I mean, if Topshop Unique S/S'12 can seamlessly throw their models out into the runway with gold foil in their hair, clearly my foiled fingers fall short to this oddity, right?  In continuation of this strangeness, this weekend was surely nothing more but first experiences and surprises.  As planned, my friend and I went to the spa to de-stress and to break away from the qualms of life and unplanned, was exposed to a hoard of naked women- more so than a strip club, I'm sure. Walked in and out of there a good five times before actually letting loose (literally).  Afterwards we went to dinner, where we opted to sit with a table full of complete strangers to avoid an hour long wait.  Despite the awkwardness ensued, wouldn't mind repeating this day all over again.


Cindy said...

Yo I can't believe you were brave enough to strut around in your birthday suit in front of a bunch of strangers (aka other naked women), haha. Kudos!

I'm loving this outfit. I feel like it's very unique. Haven't seen anything like this done before. It's very chic!


lani said...

cool combo!

Wida said...

These photos are so lovely! I really love this outfit on you!

Missing Amsie Blog

menina elegante said...

I just love your jean vest! :) x

Olya said...

Fun time:) great memory and cool look:) xx

Marie said...

I love your vest ! :)

Imke said...

Love this outfit, you look gorgeous! ♥

I'm a new follower :)

XO, Imke

Kaleido Mind said...

so pretty! expecially loving the boots:)

Jacquelyn said...

Great outfit! You're so gorgeous, love these photos.


thefashionguitar said...

Love your boots

XO Charlotte

annette tang said...

just stumbled on your blog and so loving... love this look. ANd the lace pants a few below.. love. I have a pair that I need to bust out and wear!


Tesa said...

very cute!

jamie said...

i mean, how cute are you?!? i love this <3 you are darling

x jamie

formerly blogredhead.blogspot.com

jamie said...

new follower ;)

x jamie

formerly blogredhead.blogspot.com

l i s a z h a n g said...

hehehehe....as is the onsen culture in japan!!!!
i was shocked at first and really self concious i ended up piking as they didnt allow bathers into the spas. =)

lovely posts as always!



Hilary Nussbaum said...

SERIOUSLY the most awesome outfit i love the cardigan it is so great and chic!! you have such an awesome style it is so genuine. great post :))


Shelby Anne said...