September 06, 2011


lucky brand tee, hm skirt, market buy bag

As China has been much of a wet desert, it's been far too difficult to walk out in anything but nothing, really.  As a result, my ambitious packing and wishful thinking for cold weather is the result of an untouched suitcase.  Luckily I managed to pack an ample amount of cut-offs, crop tops, and what is now my favorite go-to for hot windy days, this skirt.  Effortless, light, and super flowy.  It makes walking that much more cooler as any form of constriction in this land is a workout in itself.  Simply put, minutes after these were taken I shaved my head.  Ok no, but I was seriously considering it.

Some things I've learned/accumulated/picked up from being in Beijing:
1.  Mosquitoes are cruel and vicious little things.
2.  Crossing the street gives me anxiety (more so than normal).
3. Shopping is stressful, overwhelming, and a lot of work (also gives me anxiety).  
4.  People walk abnormally fast.
5. I still don't like Chinese food.
6.  I miss toilets.
7.  I miss L.A. Can't wait to fly back tomorrow.

Since I'm homesick, a throwback to my high school years with one of my favorite bands and one of my favorite songs.


Ismay said...

Love your outfit! The skirt is beautiful! Would you follow me back :)


Shevah said...

Your hair looks amazing in these photos. Totally doesn't look like its hot. And the maxi skirt is pretty awesome also.

thefashionguitar said...

Great photos, great look. But what I love the most is the fact they are taken at Beida! I've lived in Beijing a year ago, as my bf studied at Beida. I've been there so many times, loved it!!

XO Charlotte

Ally said...

Girl, you have amazing style! The skirt is so awesome... love a-symmetrical pieces! Love your blog.
xoxo, Ally

Fashiable said...

Oh beautiful. I really love your skirt and shoes!

lizchewy said...

Nice outfit!! I really like the bag and skirt!!

I was in China for 2 weeks last year around this time for a study project and can totally relate to the things you picked up regarding mosquitoes, crossing the street and toilets.

Have a safe flight!!


Trend Steps said...

Oh! How beautiful pictures!! I adore your amazing outfit. That red skirt fits you so well. You look stunning as always :)

Lucija said...

Love your photos, they serve me so well as an inspiration.
Follow each other? :)


ThePrevailingEffect said...



Kel said...

Love that skirt. Looks like it would wash all your worries away wearing it.

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

melbourne: the bold and the blackman

derek said...

hhaha omg i love this post it made me lol!! teehee and i love this look!! and i agree with almost everything you learned. especially about mosquitos. they are the most evil creatures on earth!!! new follower!

cryskay said...

i love your skirt!!! all your points about beijing are so true! nonetheless, i'm still jealous!! xx

Bang and Buck said...

awesome skirt. really digging the asymmetrical style lately!


Bang & Buck

Bang and Buck said...

ps. some of my music can be heard here:


Bang & Buck

Cindy said...

Haha I always have such issues using the "toilets" in China. Sounds like a stressful trip, but thus is life in China sometimes.

I love the uneven hem of the skirt and the bag is amazing. I'm super jealous. Did you get that in a Chinese market?


Lidiya said...

Your skirt is amazing, the style is fantastic and I love its colour :)

jamie said...

you are my new inspiration. oh goodness you rock


The Annachrist said...

Ooooo asymmetrical. mama likes

Natalie Leung said...

the skirt colour is so beautiful <3


Michelle's Style File said...

Amazing skirt! Love your blog- following you : )


CINDY NGO said...

loooovin' your skirt!! & #6 made me laugh. hahaha :)

hope you'll visit again soon to enter my YSL inspired ring GIVEAWAY!!

cins - design3rd

Sanity Notebook said...

Marketplace scores are always treasures.


pancakeSTACKER said...

hey girl heyy. long time for sure! i've been mia in the blogopshere because work is taking over my life! (you will see soon, haha). i loveeee that red skirt! h&m?? so cute! tell me you got it sort of recently? because if so, i will need to make my way down there!! how is everything else?? fill me in!


Shelby Anne said...

awesome outfit!! so lovely!!-Followed!

check out my blog and follow if you like what you see!